To ensure improvement – honesty is critical.

Your results are inversely proportional to the number of fibs you tell yourself.

That means the more you BS yourself about your lifestyle choices… the less favourable your results in these areas will be.

Have you honestly pushed yourself even close to your limit or do you just not wanna miss Game of Thrones? David Goggins, a former Navy Seal and endurance athlete who has pushed the limits of his capacity, claims that your brain tells your body it’s “done” at about 40% of your actual work capacity, so if you’re being HONEST, you still have a bit left in ya.

Are you staying true to YOUR chosen dietary structure for the goals that you have expressed? If your chosen adherence is 80/20 then 20% of the time you are cleared to eat whatever you want (or whatever guidelines structure that 20%). That means IT’S NOT A “CHEAT DAY” (I hate that term) – it’s part of your plan/ lifestyle – so long as you are being HONEST!

Did you really just have The #WorstDayEVER or have you trained yourself that bad days are rewarded with #sprinkles 🎂 because #IDeserveIt. There’s lots in this life that we feel we deserve and an increasing amount that we seem to feel entitled to for some reason. Be honest with yourself about your goals.

Be honest about what are “wants” – typically we’ll rationalize and justify to get these – “it’s just one bite” or “I just did cardio so it won’t kill me”. Be honest about your “needs” – we’ll usually work our asses off (or have to work our asses off) for these. And be honest as to whether the “wants” are interfering with attaining our “needs”.

If you stick to the plan that you laid out in pursuit of your goals in an honest manner… you will succeed! And if you don’t succeed you can honestly say the plan wasn’t quite right! If you deceive yourself along the way… you’ll never know if it was you or the plan that failed… but you can tell everyone it was the plan. 😉


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